Friday, March 9, 2012

What Would YOU Like to Read About?

I am pretty elated to have been asked to blog for Cumming Local and Cumming Patch! 

Cumming Patch

Cumming Local

How rewarding it is to become recognized by my community and invited to share with them!  I've given it some thought, and where I typically blog about things related to family, such as food, child development, spiritual growth and inspiration to live a full life, I feel like I need some input from my readers.

What topics make you stop and linger on a post? 

What do you want to be reading about in the interwebs? 

What time of day do you typically glance at social sites like a Patch or online source? 

I'm not stuck by any means, but definitely want to ponder on topics and think things through before I start posting on public forums where people might not be as you fine people!  The stats on my blogger really aid in speaking for you, as I know what my most popular posts are, but it's true that hearing from you the topics that would interest the community would help me!  So....send me some shout outs, tweets, holler, roar: you get it.  I would be most appreciative!

Thanks to my faithful readers, and newbies alike!

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