Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Suwanee Academy of the Arts Book Signing!

Today's book reading and signing at Suwanee Academy of the Arts surpassed my expectations in size (standing room only!) and enthusiasm for Bearful Bear and His New Moves!  The children were adorable repeating all of the vocal play words, moving around like all of the animals, and of course, having a little scarf play.  I mean, we were in the Kindermusik room where scarves are practically mandatory!

Several books were signed and exited with contented children skipping to their cars.  And, to top of MY excitement, SAA bought several copies to have for sale in their Princess Shop!!  A very successful day, sporting my brand new poster, and brand new set of books to share.   Hopefully more pics to share soon!

I will be at Hall Book Exchange in Gainesville on Saturday for another reading...won't you join me??  11am!


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