Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday's Creative Cap! Child-Proof Christmas Decorating

I have the best memories of decorating for Christmas with my parents and siblings.  We would listen to George Winston's December album while adding beautiful and sentimental ornaments, lights, garlands, special Christmas pictures that would replace our regular art on the wall, munch on homemade Christmas candy, and just enjoy one another.   It was so special to pull out my box of ornaments that I had been collecting since birth and put them on the tree in my designated section.  It's one of those memories that I think of all year long, but of course, especially at Christmastime.  Even now, I can't think of Christmas without hearing piano music, imagining the lights in my parents house, and smelling the scent of cinnamon from our homemade candy making extravaganzas. 

When I had my oldest child, Noah, we had recently moved to Georgia from the midwest, and, not only was I feeling lonely and missing family, I was sentimental just imagining sharing that special tradition of decorating with Noah, hoping that one day it would mean as much to him as it does to me.  That first Christmas with Noah we didn't have enough money to buy a Christmas tree.  At first I was disapointed, but after taking out all of the ornaments I had collected over the years, holding each one and remembering where and when I received those gifts from the people who loved me, I felt a creative urge to use what I had to display them in a new way.  I decided that a mantle didn't have to be just for swags and pinecones or candles.  I hung my favorite ornaments from the swags I had in storage, and it felt so amazing!  It looked gorgeous and the room didn't feel like it was missing a tree at all!  Here's an example for your viewing pleasure:

One thing we all know as parents is this: sometimes we need to get a little creative to apease our decorating desires while having babies and toddlers.  I originally used the mantle to decorate because we didn't have a tree, but now I do for child-proofing reasons!  Those shiny ornaments are so tempting for little hands to touch, not to mention running the risk of the tree falling down on them!  So, the tradition of mantle decorating continues.... maybe this will inspire you if you have young children, and allow you to still enjoy your favorite ornaments this Christmas. 

I was so inspired by ornament decorating, that I brought them into my tablescape and my chandelier!

Try ornaments in a glass bowl

or maybe pinecone trees with ornaments just sprinkled along a runner like this:

Here's what I do with my chandelier:
Happy Christmas decorating, child-proof or not!