Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Naturopath Appointment

Welp.  Yesterday my son Noah and I had our very first naturopath appointment.  We discovered some extremely helpful and valuable information with no invasive testing (not even a blood draw), and are very excited to put our knew knowledge to practice.  What did we discover?
Noah has an allergy to egg yolk.  Could this be contributing to his tonsil hugeness?  We are excited to cut out this ingredient and see what happens!  To avoid a surgery like a tonsillectomy/Adnoidectomy would be so much better for my little guy.  We think these "outpatient" surgeries are no big deal- I mean, c'mon, Dr.'s do these every day, right?  But surgery's ARE a big deal, and they do have consequences- some you may see immediately, some may emerge down the road.  Why not try other natural options first and use surgery as a last resort instead of a "quick fix"?  So, that is our tactic, anyway. 

Now, my discoveries were pretty interesting.  Apparently I have an allergy to Spelt, soy and Fruit sugar!  Well, I was thinking wheat was my issue (wheat is definitely considered to be 99% devil anymore, right?) so I had been cutting that out and eating more fruit smoothies.  well, woops!  Soy is absolutely no problem to cut out, however it sneaks it's way into processed foods that you wouldn't think!  Good thing I make most everything from scratch, or I would be more concerned.  Spelt, I use occasionally, and it is a fabulous little ancient grain, but it will be easy to avoid now that I know.  Fruit on the other hand- what a bummer!  However, my fabulous ND, Dr. Jennifer Miller, told me we will retest in 6 weeks to see if cutting it out for a little while solves the problem. 

There was lots of other moments of revelation, like some adrenal fatigue and what-not.  I was just thrilled to actually have some usable information leaving the Dr.'s office for the first time!  Someone who actually listened and read between the lines.  Checking for subtleties that wouldn't show up in a blood test, perhaps.  It was enlightening for me, anyway, and I am so excited to hopefully help my body reach a better place!! 

I say this to encourage you to really think about your body, how you feel, how your body SHOULD feel.  Do you feel healthy and vibrant, energetic and fresh?  Does your body eliminate like it's supposed to?  C'mon, I'm not embarrassed to bring it up- it's serious business!  It is possible to feel this way- if you eat real food and pay attention to subtleties in your body.  In my experience, if you are not eating real, whole foods (unprocessed), it is even more difficult to even realize what you are missing, to be in touch with your body.  Give it a try- don't be afraid to make the leap, because it's too important NOT to!  Really.  For real.  Seriously.  Be excited for some egg-free recipes coming soon!

Questions?  Comments?  I hope so!

Have an awesomely healthy day and do something great for yourself by eating some fresh, quick and simple meals with whole, unprocessed ingredients.



  1. Wow - so great it went well! What testing does she use for allergies/sensitivities? NAET, muscle testing/kinesioloty, etc.? Just curious!

    SO glad it went well...Hopefully her tips will get you both on the track to perfect health :)

  2. I'm curious about the testing methods as well. So you're allergic to fructose? A blessing in disguise. Although yeah, it would be tough to cut out nature's candy.

  3. Hey Brad and Jenna....she uses muscle testing/kinesiology. It was fascinating! And, sounds like she has a very high success rate with accuracy. Brad, yeah, the fruit sugar (fructose). She said that it may be I need a break from it...we'll see what the test shows in 6 weeks.