Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Stores Carrying Bearful Bear and his new Moves

Hello Fancy followers and lovers of Bearful!

I thought I would update you on the stores carrying our sweet little book! 

Bookstores and Retail Spaces:
Suwanee Academy of the Arts, Suwanee, GA
Hall Book Exchange, Gainesville, GA
coming soon!  The Prairie Bookshop on Main- Mt. Horeb, WI
coming soon!  Humpus Bumpus Bookstore- Cumming, GA
coming soon!  Wild Birds Unlimited, Madison, WI

Online Sources: kindle fire, nook, hardcover, etc.

BQB Publishing, my publisher, just signed with New Leaf and Bearful will very soon be distributed to all the "biggies" and stores nationwide- hip hip!

As always, I am so appreciative for all of you for your support of my book, and my "Thoughts for Today" blog!  If you think of it, take your copy of Bearful to your favorite bookstore and recommend it to the owner or manager. Many times, they'll start stocking a few copies!! 


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