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Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: Delightful Juvenile Fantasy story, "Nimpentoad"

"A children's fantasy book telling the tale of the courageous and resourceful little Nimpentoad, who leads his tribe of Niblings through the perilous Grunwald Forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way. Kids aged 5-10 enjoy the adventure and stunning illustrations. Parents appreciate a story that discourages bullying, and emphasizes teamwork, creativity, perseverance, and leadership."

I was excited to read Nimpentoad because this delightful fantasy is written by a dad, Henry Herz, and his two elementary-aged sons, Josh and Harrison!  It is so exciting to see a hobby and creativity come together and make something for the world to see and enjoy.  As I read Nimpentoad I couldn't help but fall in love with this little Nibling, saving the day, exemplifying courage, care and leadership against everything they came across.  He is a positive example for children, as well as introducing them to the fun, imaginative world of fantasy stories. 
I recommend this as a special story for elementary-aged kids to add to their library!  Find it on Amazon here!  Let me know what you think as you support these young, creative authors!!!
Happy Reading,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello blogosphere!  I am still here!  See, after my last post, I was put on bed rest, which meant I wasn't hanging around my computer, and blogging from an iPhone...yeah, not so much.  And then, 9 short days later.... this happened...

Here is my new beauty, Elizabeth (Elli) Grace Everhart!  She is the sweetest baby, and my older two are enamored with her sleepy charm.  So, it's not that I'm ignoring you or anything, but I'm easily distracted by cuteness like this, so I've been too busy snuggling to be typing much. :)  I am excited to post a book review of an early-mid elementary book called "Nimpentoad" hopefully today...unless I get too caught up in poopy diapers!!!  Here's to another beautiful, wonderful creation who will one day change the world with love and kindness!  Miss Elli, we love you soooo much!!!  oh...and there she is crying....