Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barnes and Noble and Bearful Bear, Friends at Last!

Excitement is one way to put it.  Thrilled is another.  Oh yes, I am pleased to announce that Barnes and Noble has picked up "Bearful Bear and his new Moves" in paperback!!!  Now, this doesn't mean that you will see 10 copies stacked nicely on display at every Barnes and Noble across the country, but what it means is that they have it stocked in their warehouse, and every Barnes and Noble can easily order it.  As they receive more demand for it (by devoted fans asking for it at their help desks), they will eventually start stocking it! 

So now, I'm asking for your help!  When you are looking for a great, personal gift for a new baby, grandchild, donation to a school, etc. Please go and ask for it at your local bookstores!  This is a great way to support new authors, whoever they may be.  As I've said from the beginning, I am so blessed by those of you who have been so supportive of me and my venture of becoming an author!  All of these are mini wins for us, as the publishing industry is one tough cookie to crack!  But, HERE WE ARE, Bearful!!! 

A few practical things you can do to help (if you feel so inclined :))

1. Tell your friends about this blog or the book!
2. Ask for your bookstore to carry "Bearful Bear and his new Moves"!
3. Write a review of the book at or

Have I mentioned that I appreciate you?!?!  Thanks for reading- have no idea what it means to know that someone reads this blog and cares...that I'm not alone on an island with a beautiful book that no one has seen or heard. 



  1. You go girl!!! So proud of you!!! -- Lindsey :)

    1. Thank you!!! I take it this is Lindsey White???

  2. Replies
    1. Why, You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog!