Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday's Creative Cap- Recycle and Create for Christmas!

There is nothing cuter than making homemade ornaments for your Christmas tree (or mantle, in my case)!  Setting aside a Saturday to make crafts with friends or your kids brings such a joyfulness to the holidays, but watch out!  Do it once, and it might just become a tradition!  This is my families go-to phrase whenever we do something special together, because more often than not, it does become a tradition; and you know what?  We like it that way! 

You know what else I love?  Recycling.  Recycling old, worn out items and turning them into adorable crafts is better for your budget, earth friendly, and it brings out creativity on a whole new level!  I went to the worlds favorite new site, pinterest, and found some adorable Christmas ornaments and decorations using recycled everyday items. 

With a little paint and string, here is an adorable penguin ornament using burnt-out lightbulbs! 

DIY lightbulb penguin ornaments

Have a few extra old books that you never read?  Make adorable Christmas tree ornaments for the tree or decorations to stand alone on a side table or centerpiece!
Pinned Image

I loved our homemade advent calender growing up.  My brother, sister and I would take turns taking the felt ornaments out of the their "pockets" and placing the ornament on the tree on our advent calender.  We knew that Santa was always on December 24th, but it was always a surprise to find out what we would pull out of days 1-23!  This adorable advent calender is made from a paper grocery bag and Christmas cards from years past.  This would be a great craft to make after this year's set of Christmas cards come in the mail and use the advent calender next year!

Pinned Image

Have extra decorative paper around?  You could also use newspaper or sheet music for these adorable tree ornaments!
Pinned Image

Or last but not least, after you attend your "ugly sweater party" this year, recycle it by making a throw pillow! 
Pinned Image

I hope you feel a little more in the Christmas spirit, and a little more inspired to be creative today!  Thinking of how many items I have to recycle makes me realized how truly blessed I am to have above and beyond my needs. 

In the Spirit of Christmas,

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