Monday, August 27, 2012

Will YOU Help an Author Win a Contest?

Hey Friends!!

So there's this contest....

and I woke up this morning with a passion to win it!!!

Will you help me??

Here's the deal.  I have to have the highest wholesale sales for the month of September out of all the authors with BQB Publishing.  This means, I need YOU and YOUR FRIENDS to buy "Bearful Bear and his new Moves" either online at or, OR, better yet, ASK for it at your local bookstore!!  There are always baby showers, birthday's, and even CHRISTMAS is coming up!!! 

And here's a little well known fact:

a book is always the perfect gift. 

So, I am rallying the troops for this one!  I can only win this contest with your help!  Spread the word (and this blog) to your friends.  Put Bearful Bear on your child's wish list!  The reward means that Bearful will make his way into more hearts and more bookstores, which means so much to me! 

Let's win this thing, baby!!!


  1. I'd live to help!!! If we order online, does it matter if we order hardcover or paperback?

  2. Thanks, Katherine!!! It doesn't matter what version you order, hardcover or paperback. It just has to be from one of my wholesalers, so any bookstore, or amazon or Barnes and noble's website.