Monday, September 10, 2012

Do You Take Things Personally?

Do you take things personally?  I used to.  A lot. 

Whether it was a statement by someone that offended my personal beliefs, or a rude comment or attitude made by someone towards me- I'd take it personally. 

I realized I was spending a lot of time passionately being upset at the injustice of how people treated others, or the lack of warmth or tact from people in my life.  I didn't understand how people could be so rude or thoughtless!  After some serious soul searching, I had a realization that there were a few heart issues that were contributing to my inability to let things roll off my back. 

One, I was looking towards others to find my identity, instead of looking at my creator- God!  I was placing the opinions of (what I thought) others thought of me on a pedestal, and somehow lost my own voice and the root of my own value.  This worked out OK when I received praise, but more often than not, made me feel less than worthy at someones tart words or lack of affection towards me.  This thought alone, I believe would help so many of us in the joy and confidence we have in our lives, and lower the amount of time we spend comparing ourselves, or ruminating on what others are thinking about us. 

The second part was realizing that what someone else says tells me something about them, (not me).  Bullying, cold greetings and criticisms always made me feel insecure and lowered my self-esteem.  Working through this toxic thought process allowed me to free myself from this type of assumption in my thinking. 

Are you tempted to think this way?  Are you tempted to base your value on what others say about you (or what you think they are saying about you)?  I truly hope that you realize your true value has nothing to do with what others say, but everything to do with the one in whose image you were created.  That what people say doesn't have to offend you, but can give you valuable information about what that person is going through, or where they are in their journey.  You don't have to take it personally.  What a freedom!



  1. This could not be more true! Such a great topic to reflect on as I start my day!!!

  2. I'm glad that it is condoned by a master of counseling!!!