Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Real Food Tip of the day- Shrinking Your Weekly Budget With Bulk Ordering

We all want to shrink our grocery budget.  Recently I gave you a real food menu plan for around $100 per week for a family of 4 (menu planner).  Some of you thought it was too difficult, some of you thought it was doable with a little hard work.  With each families unique food needs and wants (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) your budget needs to allow for certain items more than others.  I know for my family, not having to buy meat every week is a huge money saver, allowing me to have a little more flex for extra produce, items like oils that can easily throw off your weekly budget if you are buying a bulk size, or even extra cream one week to make butter for the month.  This is where strategic bulk ordering allows you to have flexibility while sticking to your budget. 

I bring this up now because many of you are probably receiving a little money back from Uncle Sam.  My family plans a bulk meat order every spring with some of our tax return, so it isn't money designated to our monthly budget.  Getting 50 lbs. of beef and stocking up on a few chickens and the like, allows us to have a stocked freezer to pull from, giving us an extra $30 plus to spend elsewhere during the week.  For those of you who thought, "How in the world could my family live on Anna's $100/week meal plan?"  This option is for you! 

Anytime a bonus comes, or an unexpected check back for an overpayment, etc...these special dollars can be utilized strategically to buy foods that will give your family health and vitality!  It may sound boring at first, after all, you aren't using your extra cash for a weekend stay at a nice resort, BUT, you will pat yourself on the back every time dinner comes and you have a large supply of healthy and delicious meats at your disposal to choose from!!  It is a discipline that has a reward you can see, feel, and enjoy all year long! 

One thing I tell friends looking into eating real food is that it can be an adjustment financially until you discover some basic kitchen skills that help you drastically save money (like yogurt making, bread making, etc).  You can almost look at it as an investment in your health.  Do you have $300 to put towards changing your families future?  Take that money, just one month, and buy some essential start up items like a bulk order of pastured meats, organic virgin coconut oil and EVOO, and you are ready to have a painless transition in your budget, and food at the ready every night of the week.  You can do it!  And, as always, I am here for your questions anytime.


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