Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cover the Truth in Your Heart

This weekend I watched an amazing vocal team at my church rock it out at our Christmas eve service. 
Here they are at Mountain Lake Church!
They sounded so seamless, so in tune, so passionate.  I wasn't singing this weekend, but was wishing I was.  As I listened, It reminded me of singing the tight harmonies in my Jordan Jazz days in college that I miss dearly, and I also felt a bit- well...replaced. 

There was a new vocalist blaring out a beautiful solo, and my heart all of the sudden felt jealousy.  I started crying and couldn't even sing along.  My thoughts started taking over, and I knew I had taken a few weeks off from singing with the vocal team, and just like that, I had been replaced by someone new.  They didn't want me anymore.  I was not as good of a vocalist as this new singer. 

And just as soon as these feelings came on, I had a very important realization.  The enemy was trying to rob my joy of celebrating my savior's birth!!!  He was trying to deter my focus and my love for my savior and onto something so egotistical and wrong. 

Something that I knew was an absolute lie. 

Did you know that Satan is the master of deception?  John 10:10a tells us that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Well, yeah- he was.  He was stealing my focus, killing my mood, and destroying my belief in the gifts God has given me. 

What a liar!!!

In that moment, I stopped.  I smiled.  And I covered up my heart and I told Satan,

I know the truth in my heart; and my heart is not up for grabs!  You will NOT steal my focus away from Jesus, who comes to give life, and give it to the full (John 10:10b).

I almost felt embarrassed sharing this story with you- especially since many people who attend my church and see me up there singing on a regular basis may read this!  But, it was too good of an opportunity; to important a lesson to share, that I just couldn't keep it to myself.  Why?  Because none of us are exempt from these types of feelings.  They are so natural to us in this world.  The difference is that we who know the truth need to make sure we realize who is lying to us, and to remember the truth we know. 

Cover the truth you know in your heart and you tell that enemy of yours that your heart is not up for grabs!!

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