Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jeremy Inspire's Me

Jeremy, my most fabulous husband, inspire's me for many reasons, and several of them fall into the category of "no regrets." Jeremy beautifully demonstrates the importance of saying a meaningful goodbye every morning, or anytime he leaves the house without me and the kids. Here is a great example...

It's 7:15 am. Absolutely the last minute Jeremy can leave the house and still make it to work on time. We called for Noah to come say goodbye, but he yells, "No!" Jer gives me a big kiss goodbye, has one foot out the door, and we hear Noah come rushing down the stairs saying, "Daddy, wait! I need hugs and kisses, daddy!!" And here's Jeremy; one foot out the door, late again. Haven't we all been there? Jeremy will always come back inside and give him his full heart, and a great big hug and kiss. Without the feeling of being rushed. He takes in that goodbye and makes Noah feel like his daddy is present in that moment with him. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

I love that my husband doesn't think being to work 25 seconds later than he would be otherwise is somehow more important than his son knowing his daddy loves him. There are so many more moments and truths that Jeremy teaches me about living with no regrets, and I will gladly share more inspiring details in the future...

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