Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Review: "Summer of Hope"

For today's "We- read Wednesday", I get to review the best book I've read since The Hunger Games series!  Of course, TOTALLY different, but still, the first book that I've read since then that I literally could. not. put. down.

Today's book is YA drama, SUMMER OF HOPE by Jodie Andrefski.

After witnessing her 16-year-old twin brother die in a freak accident, Callie swears she will never let anyone in again.  Jamie was her twin, her best friend and confident through everything, and the thought of losing another person she loved was unbearable.  It was so much easier to be bitter, closed off and even rebel against her parents. 

14 months later everything changes when her parents drag her to their summer home and she meets the new neighbor, 17-year-old Ethan.  His good nature, smile and thoughtful soul draw her in and begin to transform and renew her heart.  But when a painful secret of Ethan's is revealed, the events that unfold will change both of their families lives forever. 

Summer of Hope reads like a Nicholas Spark's novel; fast, tearful (OK, I sobbed) and explores the true elements of what nags at a teenage girls soul.  Should I hang out with the "perfects", the girls who seem to have everything in place to feel popular?  Should I open my heart up and be willing to get hurt, or should I keep my heart tucked away where it's safe?  Do I heed the advice of my parents and friends, or hit the self destruct mode and throw my morals out the window?  Andrefski displays these real concerns and rights of passage in such a way that you as the reader get worried, torn and truly feel for Callie as she treads through these emotions.  You want to yell at her, cry with her, hug her and console her all at the same time. 

Andrefski does a great job of keeping the storyline going at a rapid pace.  It keeps you increasingly engaged without the extra fluff of a totally linear storyline that often wrecks Indie novels.  She isn't afraid to leave you hanging on certain details, but thoughtfully works in the important details from previous events in the next chapter in a way that keeps you informed without dragging the plot line. 

The book does have some typos that can be easily corrected, but the story left me so breathless that I can easily overlook it. :)  I can't wait to hear more from this author!

Amazon prime members can read this book for FREE, and Kindle price is just $2.99. buy it here!! What the book trailer here. I highly recommend it for a quick read that will linger with you well after the last page of the book.

Happy reading!


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