Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's Creative Cap- Urgent, Important, Wait

I must have entered a new phase of my life because I'm making my bed again.

Growing up, I felt like making my bed was an absolute waste of time, and after much prodding, I think my mom actually gave up trying to make me do it on a daily basis. It was when I got married that I started making my bed, wanting to make the bedroom seem like a restful place, and because somewhere I realized my mothers lesson that perhaps it was the right thing to do.
However, with the onslought of motherhood, working, and my favorite verb "housewifing," I started to look at my day with a triage approach: what is urgent, what is important, and what is something that can wait. Feeding the baby: urgent. Sweeping the floor: important. Making the bed, for me, was something that could wait. But recently, all of the sudden it dawned on me. I'm making my bed again! And I am enjoying it!

Life sometimes forces you to leave something behind to keep up with the urgent requirements on your day. As time passes, your direction shifts, and a small piece of mental energy can be redirected back to something else. This small, seemingly insignificant task of bed-making made me realize that I have reached a point where life isn't quite so overwhelming. That I had a piece of
mental energy to spare for something, which hasn't happened in quite some time. Even though I intellectually understood my mother when she said, "Anna, this too shall pass", the feeling of it happening was like a fresh spring breeze and sunshine. I almost felt lighter. More in control. More clear-minded.

This urged me to realize the small wins in my own abilities, but also savor those moments of chaos with my kids, my job, my life- knowing that one day, I will jolt to the realization that any particular phase in my life was a mist that vaporized right before me, without saying goodbye.
Letting something go for a time is a perfectly healthy thing to do. What tasks have you come back to in your life after you approached a new right of passage or after a demanding time in your life passes? It's important to cut yourself slack with the small things that can wait for you. I hope today you choose the tasks that read "urgent" and "important." Cause you know what? Your messy bed will be right where you left it! The urgent and important things have wings and will fly away. Don't miss them!

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