Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Carefree Me With a Dance Par-ty

My new evening ritual is to have a dance party in my living room!  I made a dance party playlist on Spotify, and I am totally rocking out for a few minutes before I go upstairs and retire for the evening.  I actually just danced for about 20 minutes and was about to go upstairs and it dawned on me that I should blog about it!

There are a few simple reasons that have led me to endeavor into shimmy shaking it on a daily basis.  The first reason is because it aligns beautifully with my 2012 motto: "Because I can."  I mean, do I need another reason? 

Have you ever felt like you needed to reconnect with the you you were in a previous year or station?  With my daily grind feeling a bit, er- over brewed, I felt like I was losing some of my succulent spunk I so liberally displayed even a few years ago.  I laugh out loud when I think back to college and remember my naive self saying, "I can't wait to get out into the working world when I won't have class and studying and practicing...I will just have a 40 hour work week and the rest of the time will be mine."  HA!  That's a good one.  Any parent out there knows how off this small wonder was! 

I decided I needed to reconnect with something that get's me all riled up and overjoyed.  I personally can't think of anything that is more fun for me than dancing at a wedding, dance, 50th wedding anniversary...living room..I mean, give me half of a reason and I am THERE!  So, I decided that even a 10 minute dance party would help me keep in touch with my wild side while having so much seriousness and reality on my shoulders for the other, oh, 1430 minutes of the day.

What do you do to keep a lightheartedness in your life?  Is life too serious for you right now, or are you in an emotionally overwhelming season?  I am, and dancing, along with my HUGE God, is really helping me laugh, keep perspective, and finish strong. 


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