Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Thousandth Row of Sowing

Life's glory is thought to be in the reaping until you look back and realize the true glory was in the years of sowing. 

But I'm still in the sowing, and even though my intellect tells me that there is glory in today- the thousands of tiny steps I am taking towards a goal that is so far away that it's barely in focus; are tired.  I'm tired.  I want God to say that I've worked hard enough and my harvest is finally growing in strong, but I'm not there yet.  My garden is miles long, and I'm on the thousandth row, sweating, weeping, and trying to save a few dancing steps for when my children look up at me.   

Today, i'm called to sow.  God is requiring it of me, and I don't feel worthy today.  Some days I can feel the strength deep into the ground under my feet, and other days, I feel like a whispy petal at the end of summer, where the quietest breeze could just lift me away.  I can only imagine that my attitude is what hails and what fails me.  It's my strength or my demise. 

My trust that God has not forgotten me when I'm in the thousandth row of sowing comes from the truth that I have in my heart.  Any less knowledge of this truth, and how could I stand?  My God tells me with a promise that He will provide all my needs.  He will work for my good because I love Him.  I will reap the harvest that I am sowing, with each tear that I wipe away from my child, every truth I share, every day that I give, my seed is planted.  My harvest is coming.  Giving up is not an option because I trust in the promise of my Great and glorious God, that my harvest will come.  Today, my job is to keep focused on the clear prize I know in my heart even when it looks hazy and miles away.  Just as a mist evaporates into air in but a moment, so my harvest will arrive.

What are sowing right now?  Sometimes it feels like our work isn't producing a crop, and that the harvest is so far away, making us feel discouraged.  I am praying for you, today!  I know that in these times where the harvest isn't evident, we are still called to the task that God has for us- whatever that may be.  I pray that you will continue on strong and commited to your crop, sowing your seeds.  Trust in your Father, that your harvest will come!

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