Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giveaways, Giveways, Love Me Some giveaways!

The Hunger Games

After obsessively reading Hunger Games in two days (I know- FINALLY, right?) I am in a little literary hideaway and just want to think about books!  Of course, when I think about plots in my mind, I just have to talk with someone else who has read or is reading the same book to compare notes.  All of my friends have read or are ahead of me reading through the Hunger Games series which just adds to the excitement that they know some juicy secrets I have yet to learn.  This excitement has me thinking about YOUR excitement in your own literary universe.

What is the BEST book you read in 2011? 
What is the TOP book on your to-read list for 2012?

I have to say, mine is a little different.  My sister got us the i like books.

i like book - pink
one for Noah and one for Natalie.  So, I guess I am most looking forward to writing in a book this year.  Writing little one sentence "like notes" to my two favorite kids- and it will be precious each day, and each time we look back at them. 
Now it's your turn.  Come on, we would LOVE to know!  And.....because I LOVE a giveaway, I will draw a winner for anyone who contributes and they will receive a.free.copy of their must-read for this coming year! 

Now how about that?!?!  Spread the news and keep 'em comin' folks!


  1. Besides your book? I am finishing In the Heart of the Sea by Philbrick. It is the story of the tragedy of the Whaleship "Essex".....the inspiration for Moby Dick. Started in 2011 and completed in 2012!

  2. Awesome, Mommer! Is there a new book you really are looking forward to reading in 2012 that I can put in the drawing to buy for you?

  3. Yay for the ilike books!

    I'm most looking forward to having more than 30 seconds to read before I fall asleep at night... And if I find more than that 30 seconds, I'm hoping that I can FINISH 'Stargirl' that started WAY BACK in 2011 ;)

    If I manage to finish that, then I think I'm most looking forward to reading another Nicholas Sparks book (I'm a sucker for those!) Either 'True Believer' or 'Dear John' maybe?

  4. Giiiiiiiiirl. my TBR pile is a mile long now, but the books I'm *most* excited about include John Green's latest (he's coming to DC in about a week! and I get to GO!) which I've already pre-orded 2 copies of. One, when I heard he was signing ALL pre-orders (all 180K of them) and 1 from Politics and Prose so I can see him next week.
    Also, looking forward to several follow-ups of series I started this year like INSURGENT and FEVER. And Courtney Summers' new book, too. :)
    LOVE the i like books. Great gift idea, too!

  5. The Hunger Games trilogy was definitely my fav read of the year, and the jury is still out for the next book to grace my shelves... Can't wait to get my hands on some Bearful though!!! :). Thanks agaim for the shout out the other day ... Kindred spirits for life!

  6. Since "The End" message series, I started reading the Left behind books. I can read one straight through if I had the time but lately just taking them with me to the gym!

  7. Favorite read of 2011 was The Shack which I will probably read again to help remind me of God's amazing love! Currently reading battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer. Time to do some soul searching and find contentment.