Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Four-Year-Old Humor

DISCLAIMER- If you give a little silly- you'll get A LOT of silly back!

As a parent, occasionally days get so bogged down with "no" after "no", and "Stop hitting your sister" and "Gentle hands" that the idea of laughing is lost in the distant webs of my mind. The days I am most exhausted come evening are the days that I realize after the fact that I didn't laugh with the kids. I just completely forgot to have fun. Me- the queen of fun, just FORGOT? Yes, it happens somehow. I realized that this was becoming all to frequent for us, so I decided that fun, along with other daily tasks, was non-negotiable. We really need to have some belly laugh moments. I once read that 4 year olds like gross "potty talk" and "three stooges" humor. Considering my phsyical comedy lacks elequent timing, I opted to execute my finest creativity in all things bodily.

I looked at my son Noah while we were snuggling at bedtime, and I said, "Why hello there! Is your name, "Booger on a nose hair?" He absolutely started belly laughing! I was so happy! We continued to warm up our silly brains, and began filling in the blank with , "is your name_____?" Noah was so proud of all the funny phrases he was coming up with, and we took turns for an hour with the most ridiculous phrases that I am embarrased to repeat here. But for your entertainment, the top contenders were, "Earwax baby," "Your name is Pimple poop," and "Hi! My name is Toe Jam Pam!"

Don't worry and think that your child will start poopy talking out in public or in front of Great Aunt Mildred. They will probably wait for those special times at the dinner table and bedtime when it's just you. And let me tell you, the grosser the better. This is a parenting win. So, live it up and laugh already!!!

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