Tuesday, April 20, 2010

perserverance leads to change

Living with no regret has taken a willingness to let the frustrations and difficulties of life go so that less life is wasted. When we found out that Natalie might have Cystic Fibrosis or some other illness, I immediately wanted to hug her has tightly as I could, and nothing else mattered. It sounds so cliche, and it is, but it's true. I guess that is why it's cliche in the first place! Even the things that seemed so important moments before, like Butler University, my alma mater, going to the final game of the NCAA championship, all of the sudden seemed as important as a microscopic piece of dust on the mantle. All I wanted to do was to hug her and tell her how much I love her, and that I would be there for her no matter how difficult, no matter the cost. We perservered through a week of worry and emotional stress of tending to Natalie, and giving Noah enough attention that he didn't feel ignored or less important. The good news is that Natalie just needs more calories! She has already had a growth spurt, and we are counting down the days for her follow up "weigh- in."

Now, onto other exciting news, Jeremy has accepted a new job with regular business hours. Hallelujah, amen and pass the peanut butter! This has been a prayer for years, to finally have a job out of retail and have some normalcy to our day. The kids will finally be able to see their daddy for dinner; not just bedtime.

What I realized about the timing of all of this, is that a few months back, I had finally accepted our position as "life", and was ready to be creative of how to make our schedule work for our family. Maybe our dinnertime was without dad, but when dad is home, we enjoy family time with him then. So what? Isn't that the joy of the modern american family that it doesn't have to fall into a certain category of normal? Sure, it wasn't my ideal, but I was ready to work with and be grateful for what we had. And then, a random job from left field comes across our path, and Jermey gets the job. Woohoo! Yes! And any other form of exciting exclamation. It will be interesting to see how life changes. An extra 2-3 hours each evening will mean family dinners, and no more dinner at 8:45 at night!
So, this month has been filled with reminders of faith, love, quality time with my favorite people, and how perserverance pays off. I am blessed to have a "no regrets" attitude.

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