Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simple Things, Like a Poem

What better way to pause and "smell the roses" during the day than to read a poem?  A poem, cramming 100 years in few words forces us to slow down and take it in, thought by thought, word by word. 
I was browsing through my documents, and found a document titled, "Poem Battle".  I thought to myself...."what is this?"  So of course, my curiosity made me open it to remember this moment.  It was none other than an old IM conversation with a very old friend, where we wrote poems about "simple Things."  I thought I would share it with you to inspire some simple matters that will hopefully help you pause for a moment. 

beanapie8 wrote:

life has such complexities
which lack and burn
and which brightness dies
and choosing this, I hope in turn
the truth reveals
to live, to rely
on simple things
that much is truth
and complexities
burn forsooth

NPoser1123 wrote: Simple Things

Pain is a simple thing we enjoy
Just for being simple;
An easily digestible
Elephant in our daily meals.
We wake up hurt and yawning sorely
Have our shower to rinse
The wince on our morning face.
And brush our teeth of hope.
We've done naught, but seemingly
Abound in our unknowing
Because little simple things
Are so inscrutable found!
So because they're all simple things
We all live unheeding of
Their tiny, daily damage
That lacks and burns in our "small" lives.
O, Give me honest complexity
In my search for truth and joy!
Give me deep, hard mystery
Impossible puzzles to solve.
Give me full-bodied, unedited
Challenging lives of people;
Their contradictions laid bare
And yet completely nonplusing.
If in simple things we had relied
We would exist only as
Simpletons to each other;
Would the brightness not truly die?

Hope you enjoyed your moment,

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