Friday, June 8, 2012

Mindful and in the Moment

Why is it so difficult for us to realize just how precious our moments in this life can be?  The irony is that the moments which grab our attention and help us remember to say I love you, smell the roses, etc, seem to effervesce into thin air just like our life in the grand scheme of eternity. 

A few weeks ago, I lost my precious Grandma Tuttle, my friend's husband died of cancer at age 32, and then yesterday, another dear friend lost her brother-in-law to cancer at age 28.  The loss of my grandmother at the beautifully wise age of 96, after she lived a meaningful and lovely life was sad because of our loss, but so wonderfully satisfying for her.  But, to lose these other friends when their lives were just taking off brings a sort of angst that cries out from those who are left behind.  It's the sadness we feel that not only were they taken from us, they were not able to carry out all of their potential that we knew they had.  In the case of my friends here, they actually did do amazing things with their lives!! But, the world lost in that moment something glorious, and it isn't fair.  The hope of seeing them again in heaven is God's gift of comfort in these times, and I certainly am praying for everyone to feel that hope and comfort in these situations I am sharing about specifically. 

We are reminded right now of the precious frailty of our bodies.  We understand that we should ignore the "tyranny of the urgent" and focus on our true priorities.  Can we do this?  How do we do this?  The reminders of flowers in the fields, the wind, the trees, a smile, a hug are all experienced daily, but it is up to us to realize those reminders and apply them to our day.  Again, I ask myself why this is so hard!  Why would it even be a difficult decision to turn away from facebook and watch my children play?  It's absurd!  And yet, it happens to all of us, and for many different reasons. 

Here is my charge to you.  And it is a charge, because it will take work and a commitment.

"I will live in the moment while being mindful of my future."
It's that simple.  I don't mean live in the moment on pinterest, or on facebook....what I mean is, to really be engaged with my life, and save some important things for other times so that I can focus on the MOST important things right now.  When I am mindful of my future with my kids, their future, and our life down the road, it changes what I do today.  It forces me to put down what is "important" and read a book with my child, which is MORE important.  Period.  Yes!!!  We can do this.  We can live an inspirational life by living in the moment while being mindful of our future.  This is an intentional person living out their potential every day.  We have no idea when our final breath will take place, but we all will take it.  I want mine to be a satisfied breath no matter when it happens. 


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