Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where Have you Been?

Hey Friends!

I'm sorry I have been totally MIA for a few weeks!  My goodness, and I was being so consistent there for awhile....

My dear Grandma Tuttle passed away at the beautiful age of 96 1/2 years (don't leave off the 1/2- she earned it!) a few weeks ago, and between traveling, coming home and getting life back in order...well, you know.  Somehow life get's tiring in May anyway- doesn't it?  May is just one of those months that everything is winding down for summer, but because everything is winding down, it somehow makes you busier than all other months combined!! 

I have been processing my amazing Grandma's life- her legacy, and I have been formulating some blog posts about what I've learned from her that I know you'll love.  Sit tight- I'll be back soon for more real food, real inspiration, and real family life SOON!

Until then,

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